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1,000 reasons to choose Padua

Why Padua? There are at least 1,000 reasons to choose this extraordinary city of art and science, an ideal base for visiting nearby Venice, as a location for a national or international convention. We’ve list only a few below, and then leave you the pleasure of discovering all the others: Padova Congress is part of extraordinary territory and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Venice: the most beautiful city in the world just half an hour away

The most beautiful city in the world? It is just half an hour by train from Padova Congress. An evening visit, a gala dinner a stone’s throw from the Grand Canal, a tour of the treasures of the lagoon city: Venice with its extraordinary charm can give attendees arriving from all over the world an experience that will remain forever imprinted in the heart.

An accessible city

Getting to Padova Congress is really simple, by any means of transport: the city has frequent connections to the Marco Polo international airport of Venice, the train station is just 500 meters away, with connections to other major cities by high-speed lines. The congress center is also easily accessed by car and has 1,400 indoor parking spaces and 800 outdoor parking spaces.

World-class hospitality

Hospitality management is often a primary concern for event organizers. Not for those who choose Padova Congress: within 15 minutes walking distance there are over 1000 rooms available in world-class hotels, over 300 rooms are available in two modern four-star hotels within 5 minutes walking distance. An alternative to the hotels of Padua, is the nearby thermal baths area of the Euganean Hills with dozens of world-class hotels.

The innovative city of frescos

Strolling under the elegant arcades of the city center, being immersed in the majestic greenery of the Botanical Garden, admiring the Giottesque masterpieces of the Scrovegni Chapel, pausing in the timeless atmosphere of the Basilica of Sant’Antonio: these are some of the experiences to be enjoyed in Padua, a city in which all the main tourist sights can be reached in less than half an hour “walking distance” from Padova Congress.

Made-to-measure services

Padova congress is a new venue, but its management is entrusted to a staff with a long experience in the events’ sector. Customer service and attention to detail are two of the characteristics that distinguish our approach. Our convention facilty is accompanied by a wide range of tailor-made services, to be designed and studied with event organizers to make the congress and post-congress activities unique experiences, from every point of view.

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