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Places dedicated to knowledge, art and science abound in Padua

History within reach

Padua doubles as a history class, there is always something you can see, feel, touch and breathe. Starting from the historic seat of the renowned University of Padua, one of the first and most important in Italy, which preserves true treasures such as Galileo’s original lectern and the oldest anatomical theater in the world. Then the historic cafes that animate the city center, including Caffè Pedrocchi, imbued with the atmosphere of an ancient era. Up to the magnificent main attractions – historic monuments, cathedrals and churches – scattered throughout the territory.

The city of frescos

Padova boasts an extraordinary and inestimable artistic heritage. Exceptionally beautiful, the Scrovegni Chapel preserves Giotto’s world-famous fresco cycle, considered one of the masterpieces of Western art and a turning point in Pre-Renaissance painting. A unique pictorial narrative made of color and light, poetry and pathos, which penetrates the heart and soul of its admirers. An occasion to contemplate true artistic splendor in an intimate and peaceful atmosphere.

A surprising heritage

The Palazzo della Ragione displaying Pietro d’Abano’s theories of astrology, the Basilica of Saint Anthony – one of the largest and most visited in the world, as well as a pilgrimage site for million over the centuries -, or the university Botanical Garden, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are only a few examples of the artistic and cultural treasures Padua offers visitors. Not to forget the magnificent monumental square, Prato della Valle, home to the impressive Basilica of Santa Giustina.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Surrounded by the greenery of the Euganean Hills, a pristine landscape, lie the Terme Euganee. These thermal spas are the perfect place to rest and regenerate. A well-deserved break after an intense workday, to benefit your body and mind. Don’t miss the chance to relax in the warm thermal water pools, enjoying the benefits of the water and the certified healing properties of the mud at the largest thermal bath complex in Europe.

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